Should the Baltic Sea be privatized? That was the topic at a secret meeting organized by the businessman Mr Norppa in Helsinki. The meeting was infiltrated by an activist group shouting slogans and spreading leaflets.

At the same time other politicians, lobbyists, activists and journalists were having talks at the Ateneum Art Museum, railway station, and restaurants and conference venues all around the besieged Helsinki. The viking zombies which started out as isolated incidents had by then almost overrun Helsinki.

All these decision makers were preparing for the big Baltic Warriors summit where representatives from Russia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Germany and the EU would meet with Mr Norppa. Niko Drake hosted the summit which dealt with privatization of the sea,  and how to divide it amongst the coastal nations, as well as what to do with the zombie threat.

As the summit participants were on their way to an extravagant dinner, they were cut off by the military informing them that the city centre is crawling with zombies. Everyone tried their best to break through a massive amount of zombies, but unfortunately most didn't survive. Fortunately Mr Norppa and Niko Drake made it out alive. The Baltic Sea remains public property, and yet nothing is done about its eutrophication.