Participate in Baltic Warriors!

Throughout the summer of 2015, we will play seven larps in seven cities: Tallinn, Sopot/Tricity, St Petersburg, Kiel, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki. 

Participants receive a role in the story: a politician, an activist, a lobbyist or another stakeholder in the environmental debate. The player's task is to advance their own interests, but also save the city from the attack of blood-thirsty zombie vikings. As everyone knows, eutrophication causes the undead to walk from the wrecks on the seafloor and attack the living.

Each game lasts an afternoon - two to three hours. After the larp, there will be a panel discussion about the issues in the game, and how they connect to the real world. For the panel discussion, decision makers from the world of environmental politics will be invited.

All games are free of charge, and meant for both people who have never larped before, as well as those who already have larp experience.

All games will be documented using photo and video.

You can be a part of Baltic Warriors! The details of each larp will appear on this page as soon as they are confirmed.